Witek Bielski Little Boogie Slim Blues Jazz Music Muzyka Piano Guitar Bass Drums Saxophone Clarinet Harmonica
Witek Bielski Little Boogie Slim Blues Jazz Music Muzyka Piano Guitar Bass Drums Saxophone Clarinet Harmonica

Witek “Little Boogie Slim” Bielski (born 17 April 1991, Warsaw, Poland) is a multi-instrumentalist and an all-round music person.


His education started with taking classical piano lessons from the age of six with teacher Emilia Batura. At thirteen he started listening to the Blues. Having learned basic rhythm patterns from his father, he soon began teaching himself to play Blues on the piano, as well as picking up the guitar. He developed his style of playing piano by transposing what he had learned to play on the guitar onto the piano: playing as though each hand was a separate guitar.

Chicago Blues Revue

During a school fair in 2006 he met harmonica-player Antek “Kurson” Kurek, with whom he formed the Chicago Blues Revue. The bond and musical understanding that they developed led to many achievements. The were a resident band at the renowned Tygmont Jazz Club in Warsaw. He supported successful polish artist, notably Madga Piskorczyk (voted best blues singer in Poland) and Beata Kossowska (voted best female harmonica player in the world).

Their dream-come-true came in 2009, when they took part in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. Taking part in the solo/duo competition, the youth showcase and soaking up the musical atmosphere of Memphis was an unforgettable experience for both.

Solo Career

Alongside the duo, Witek also played as a solo act. On a number of occasions he had the honour and great pleasure of performing with artists such as Howard Levy, Greg Zlap and Sebi Lee. He also took part in numerous Blues competitions, winning a number of awards, most notably from Jarosław Śmietana at the Bluesroads Festival in Cracow. Here is an account of that performance:

The last person to perform was Witek Bielski from Chicago Blues Revue, the youngest of the musicians appearing that evening. Despite his young age he has a lot of stage experience, and his performance was music to my ears. He started off by playing a beautiful, archaic blues playing drums, guitar and singing simultaneously, which he dedicated to his friends Przytula and Kruk. Next, he switched to playing the piano, and charmed everyone which a flaming, dynamic boogie. He played with great drive and showed that he has mastered the piano very well. When listening to Witek, I felt that he shouldn’t be taking part in the contest, but instead that he should be performing in the main concert.